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AM Issue 23: Motivation

What drives us humans? What makes us tick? Human beings are curious and diverse. In this issue, people tell us what really matters and who they are.


Photography, layout, text & concept


Akademische Mitteilungen




The main article is about "Sir" a Drag Queen from Stuttgart. "Drag that is a game with the sexes, a transformation and it triggers something in people." The drag queen regularly performs on Stuttgart's stages. She loves the transformation and slipping into another role. Through drag she has found more of herself and draws new energy. We were allowed to accompany her during this transformation for the 23rd issue.

The studio shots show the artist in her element and enhance her look. Strong contrasts in the typography as well as an extra bold font for quotes underline the content. The colours blue and pink represent the genders and are also reflected in the artist's outfits.

Unusual editorial design

The 23rd issue of the Akademischen Mitteilungen is an unusual newspaper format. The glossy plastic cover forms a surprising contrast to the newsprint. The magazine was published in an edition of 2.000 and distributed throughout Germany. The magazine is aimed at young readers and culture enthusiasts.

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