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Create the unthinkable! Bosch's revolutionary quantum technology has been given a face by us. The new Bosch sensors transmit thoughts from your brain into devices.


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Robert Bosch GmbH




Bosch_Keyvisual Quantum Sensor.png

Bosch is driven by the desire to develop technology "Invented for life".Quantum technology is pushing the boundaries of what is possible – in both data processing and sensors.

We have been accompanying the area for two years and visualize the complex processes. The images tell a story and make the product comprehensible.

Visualizing the future

How do you show something that doesn't exist yet? This was the challenge we faced when developing the visuals for Quantum Technology. The images show people with different devices who can make their everyday life easier thanks to the built-in sensor.

Arm Prothese Quantum Sensing.jpg
Bosch Kopfhörer-Sensor_Quantum Sensing.jpg
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