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We are not the new generation. We are the next revolution! That is the motto of the software company. The new corporate design is as unusual as it is refreshing and shows exactly who TimeLean is.


Identity & Branding, Print, Digital & Web





TimeLean has realised complex and diverse construction projects in the infrastructure sector. The company draws on its wealth of experience, always oriented towards their practical work. TimeLean is a tool for modern project management. The software is adapted to personal needs.

The construction planning software stands out from the crowd with its unusual design. Futuristic, bold and anything but ordinary. We helped the company to communicate exactly that to the outside world. The new corporate design can be easily transferred to other media thanks to many individual elements.

Visionary mind

The head is a symbol for the planning software's processes and thought workflows. Always with a focus on people and their needs. Many small strands of thought form a whole. The colour gradients reflect the constant transformation, because TimeLean adapts individually to each customer.

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